Some Wensleydale birds

Only some of the great number whose company we enjoyed as they swooped over, called outside our windows or ignored our presence! (I started a card with all of them, but it was a bitter business – as always I started off at a ridiculously tiny scale, and every day a new species would flutter past me and I’d have to add to their number.)

Can you recognise them all (or any)? That nest is the home of some young house martins in one of our cottage’s windows – you’ll find their mum flying towards the Goldfinch who is hovering near the top.That’s a Blackcap about to perch on Flink’s head, a Willow warbler next to a Chaffinch, and a Jackdaw in the air. That’s all I’ll say.

[For Mormor]

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3 Responses to Some Wensleydale birds

  1. Hi, I love this card and I would love to send cards like this to my friends and family. Draw some more and then offer for sale. I think you could make pocket money and make your choke on her tea even more. Sue Humble

  2. This is a lovely card and I would happily buy such cards for my family and friends. You might make some pocket money and then you could go to wufanpoo to buy some nice clothes. Sue Humble

  3. Thank you! 🙂 I hope to start printing cards sometime soon, so your encouragement really means a lot!

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