I’m back from the fell moors! Here is a painting stating that very fact.

In a fit of cunning I thought it could double as a future greeting card – to give to someone upon their return from somewhere. When I mentioned this moneyspinner to my mum she actually choked on her tea, and when capable of speech agreed that yes, I should “start a line in absolutely useless cards”. Someday I hope to realise that very dream.

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4 Responses to Back!

  1. Limesy says:

    HUZZAH! I will buy your useless cards, so long as I get an amusingly large discount. Loving the devious little paint-mad bag critter 😀

  2. rumisublog says:

    welcome back!! may all of your dreams come true! 🙂

  3. Yiong says:

    What would mankind have been deprived of if people (Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Picasso, van Gogh, Calder etc etc ) didn’t follow up on their absolutely useless ideas! Please do not abandon your useless cards – by the way, who are you to say they are useless? ‘Back again’ is just the card I’m looking for – well, with a bit of editing: how about ‘we’re back’ – same drawings, personalised greetings, so to speak. How do I download it and how do I pay? PayPal? See, you have to set up the process so money can come pouring in, my dear.

  4. your cousin mar says:

    i agree i agree! i have long been thinking your works would make the most excellent cards. i would buy them en masse and send them to absolutely everybody i knew. promise!
    i’ve been thinking your critters would make brilliant buttons too. i have lots of ideas for your drawings.. lets talk business when you’re back in the country? (^_^)

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