More inky owls

Three little ones in one go – you can tell where I started off because they became steadily fluffier. They aren’t as commanding as the previous two, but then they are a lot smaller. Give them time (except maybe the one with the orange eyes). Click for huge little owls!

Inks and Chinese brushes again. I’ll put up some birds I’ve actually been seeing around soon!

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5 Responses to More inky owls

  1. rumisublog says:

    love them. do you make them up? or do you use pictures? the one in the middle looks so surprised 🙂

    • Thanks! ^___^ I make most of my stuff up, but for the inky birds I work from pictures. Maybe the middle one just caught wind of the righthand owl’s plans? (He’s obviously up to something, that one.)

  2. nilufer caglar says:

    they are so perfect and cute! i love the slanted eyes of the orange eyed one, is that the asian owl? such characters!

  3. sara says:

    so beautiful! I wish they would come to tea, they look like they would be delightful guests.

  4. Poly says:

    The middle one cracks me up! ‘Me?! Never!’ it exclaims in a moment of mischief

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