Sketchbook stuff

While I am sniffing and coughing and spluttering and honking attractively, here are some things from the sketchbook that is my constant companion.                                                 This is where we had our picnic when we saw the first swallow of the year:

And here are some unsuspecting birds I tried to draw on walks with the dog or while peering through the telescope.

I have to admit that upon looking back on these I’m uncertain what’s supposed to be what. There were geese, oyster catchers (scholeksters), redshanks (tureluurs), godwits (gruttos) and – my favourites of these sketches – the little plovers (bontbek pleviertjes) which strike such imposing figures on the bottom right of the above (see previous post for a slightly more detailed intrepretation).

They were splashing in the evening sun, fussing about and cleaning themselves most admirably! We should probably all take them as an example, or something.

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One Response to Sketchbook stuff

  1. sara says:

    I love sketchbooks! So much energy and chaos, its beautiful. Woo woo!

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