Tea critters a-flying!

I got a new pen, a long wished for brush pen! Then I lost it. But before that small tragedy, I drew some tea critters with it, flying in winged cups. They do that on their day off, sometimes.

Also a coffee critter to balance things out:

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5 Responses to Tea critters a-flying!

  1. Helena says:

    Hi! I work with Elsa who has introduced me to your blog. I have to say that these paintings are outstanding! I love this little coffee critter and would like to take hime home! Your entire critters range is fanstatic and the art detail is incredible, I look forward to seeing more…

    P.S. Elsa apologises for not commenting recently but she has definitely been enjoying them! 🙂

    • Thank you! Elsa provided great encouragement and inspiration for the coffee critters 😀 Coffee critters are almost too much fun to draw, so there’ll be more of them up sooner or later!

  2. I love the coffee critter.

    Your work in general is amazing. Do you sell it? If not, you should. The drawings/paintings aside, you should also have a toy line for your critters, kind of like UglyDolls which I love.

    • Thanks! Wow, coffee critter toys would be amazing – selling cards is something I really want to look into, but the toys are a great idea! (Sorry for such a late reply!)

  3. rumisu says:

    Absolutely loved the coffee critter! Want one of my own : ) Love it! A whole new concept for me, thank you for introducing!!!!

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