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Last weekend was the tastiest

Last weekend I got to eat some excellent lemon cupcakes, one of which is shown below together with some sort of terrible mongrel.  (Poor Flinky did not share in cupcake joy). They were made by Margot, and you can see … Continue reading

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Wading birds

Yesterday we spent almost the entire day stalking birds. Around evening time we saw this lot by the river (aided by Wil’s excellent telescope), except in vast quantities! Names – roughly from left to right: black-tailed godwits (gruttos), curlews (wulpen), … Continue reading

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This isn’t Spring-y at all!

These were actually supposed to be quick, small watercolour studies to see whether dark clouds/light owls or lighter clouds/darker owls were better against a night sky. (I got a bit carried away…)

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Coffee Critters

As you can see, they differ from tea critters in several significant ways! (They are curlier and their eyes have a mad caffeine-bestowed sheen.) [And they drink coffee.] In this picture they have stolen my snood for their own nefarious … Continue reading

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Tea Critters

Tea critters! They love tea. I did this one a while ago. For those interested, the Chinese bit of wisdom says: ‘Though sometimes it is very hard, if you want to drink a perfect cup of tea you will have … Continue reading

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Great and Spotted

More inky birds! I saw this guy casually pecking trees while walking Flink this morning. It’s a Great spotted woodpecker and it is an amazing fellow (Grote bonte specht in Dutch). I’m so happy I got to draw it this … Continue reading

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Potato monkey – run!

Oh God. The potato monkey. He is not a happy chap. Even he is hoping for a better update tomorrow! This is the kind of thing that makes my actions 70% slower than most people’s. Be warned, armed and prepared … Continue reading

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