Garden visitors

Here are some of our garden’s visitors/ inhabitants! [click the image for a larger view] As you can see they are all very fancy chaps – the long-tailed tits (staartmeesjes) in particular inspired great excitement: so round, so fluffy! Like tiny rotund flying badgers!

Here are some little studies done halfway through to help me decide whether to pen-outline only the birds, or outline everything, or outline none of it.

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4 Responses to Garden visitors

  1. david and margie says:

    Really lovely Bee. I especially like the expression on Mrs Blackbird’s face, and the dignified chaffinch! You are very clever at capturing expressions and character. You have certainly got loads of visitors to your garden. Do you get the dreaded parakeets as well? love, Margie and David x

  2. Thank you!! It is so lovely to picture you in Claygate and getting your comments!
    We have no dreaded parakeets, but we do get the occasional terrible cat slinking in (eek). No squirrels here, though, and the tulips are popping up in the other side of the garden ! x x

  3. Elsa says:

    I sent your link to some of my work colleagues so that they could see this lovely springy sprung garden… they think it’s wonderful!

  4. Limesy says:

    đŸ˜® I keep meaning to say: GREENFINCHES! We have those. They stuffed our attic so full of twigs and stuff that my parents are having to have it cleared out… oh, those cunning finches.

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