Cormorant tension

This is the sort of thrilling stuff I witness while walking the dog in Zaltbommel! We always pass a little lake with, as you can see, an island which holds many attractions for the local birds. It is an excellent spot with a log and everything but you have to fight to perch.

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6 Responses to Cormorant tension

  1. Very nicely done. It reminds me of stories I used to draw/write in high school during class… but my drawings were nowhere as good as yours.

  2. Limesy says:

    Cormorants! Angry ones! Sullen ones! Ones on the beach! ❤ ❤ They will always be my favourites. Especially when they have small angry eyebrows ^_^

  3. sara says:

    ahahaha this is amazing! The expression of the right hand side cormorant in the third blue panel is pure genius. What kind of expression is it even, how does that cormorant feel? But it just makes me chuckle every time I see it.

  4. sara says:

    I love it when you post cartoons by the way. I wish you would do one everyday that I could read during my breakfast! That would be a dream..

  5. Henri says:

    Sara, I reckon that cormorant is feeling slightly uncomfortable after its outburst – it’s not completely confident that it behaved appropriately. But it wants to save face, and it feels sneakily pleased with itself, hence strange smirking expression whilst trying hard to avoid the gaze of the other cormorant… totally agree about breakfast cartoons 😀

  6. hahaha! I love the cormorant-analyses so much! ❤

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