Wading birds

Yesterday we spent almost the entire day stalking birds. Around evening time we saw this lot by the river (aided by Wil’s excellent telescope), except in vast quantities!

Names – roughly from left to right: black-tailed godwits (gruttos), curlews (wulpen), lapwings (kievitten), black-headed gulls (kokmeeuwen) and sunbathing cormorants (aalscholvers). At the front right are several oyster catchers (scholeksters), and to their left a high-spirited redshank (the excellently named tureluur).

Here are some close-ups:

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5 Responses to Wading birds

  1. devin howard says:

    Lovely. I’ve always been interested in birds. There is a board game, called ‘Yotta Know Birds! where you lay out a bunch of cards face down and have to name the birds then turn the card over to see if you’re right. My family used to play that all the time when I was little. Nice drawings though.

  2. K-chan says:

    Can you multiply the whole lot? They are so good, we need masses and masses on the page….

  3. Mother says:

    Them wings aren’t a bit like the elegant ones of the godwit alighting, so do it again and think ballerinas

    • sara says:

      Mother, you can’t boss your daughter around on her blog; she will become a pariah. On a blog you are only aloud to say inane things like ‘Wow those are so beautiful!’ or ‘Ooh I never knew that about godwits’ or ‘I read a book about a redshank once, it was called A World of Shrimp’
      xx other daughter

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