Great and Spotted

More inky birds! I saw this guy casually pecking trees while walking Flink this morning. It’s a Great spotted woodpecker and it is an amazing fellow (Grote bonte specht in Dutch). I’m so happy I got to draw it this very day!

Turns out the Lapwing was one day too early – the day after I posted it someone found the first lapwing egg of the year! This is a big thing in Holland – it is an honour to be the one to find it, your name goes in the paper and everything. I think they eat it 😦 .

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One Response to Great and Spotted

  1. margie says:

    We really love the Great and Spotted! Please do more of your lovely bird pictures. Out of our bedroom we saw a Green woodpecker the other day. It was on a tree but it didn’t stay long and we would love to be reminded of what it looks like.

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