Bird news 2

this egret had all the fancy poses

He hid in the reeds a lot, but otherwise stalked proudly in sight and ignored all the ducks.

Also, more birds as spotted by the roadside or through the telescope:

It was the place to be.

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3 Responses to Bird news 2

  1. Son-chan says:

    Eeeeeeeee! Eeeeegrets! >w< Also, nifty moorhen action! Mamma reckonised him as a moorhen straight away! She was not deceived by this cunning Dutch naming. She never is.

    Also, you should start using tags, innit!

    Looking forward to more…. dun dun duhh– BIRDY TIMES! *V* The people demand more greebs!

  2. sara says:

    Ohh yes tags are the way! So when are you starting your twitter account? I’m going to start PR’ing your blog now, yeah? Yeah.

  3. K-chan says:

    These are all live drawings, you know! I was there, I saw her do them, in between hoiking the telescope from boggy wetland to marshy riverbeach

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